Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stepper V


  1. Hello Ian,
    I'm Manu from Belgium.
    I have bought the BLK/MRKT book 2 this summer and I have seen your work in it... Incredible atmospheres and amazing techniques ! It has really impressed me !
    So I have started to paint 2 months ago after too many years of nothing, no-time and no-inspiration.
    I have posted one of my first test on my blog, if it interests you !
    I hope you will continue to post your recent work on your blog : The 'Stepper' post are very very interesting for me :)
    Just a technical question (if you have some time), To draw the background of this painting above, do you use ink or something else ? How can you make these fantastic effects of wet textures and deep lights ... ?
    Thank you so much

    Manuel Dubray

  2. Hi Manu

    The background of the painting was done using Golden acrylics (, personally I really like them, they have some really strong colours and they apply and mix well. The first couple of stages to this had to be done quite quickly, working the colours together while they were wet. I used a water spray to make them flow a little further.

    Good luck with your painting, I hope you have fun with it :)

  3. Hello,
    I love these photos, getting to see all the layers is just beautiful. I especially love watching the house transform and come together. I'm how on earth is that done? Some sort of transfer process?

  4. Thanks, I'm glad you like them. The house was a mix of painting, drawing and collaging together photo transfers.

  5. Hi Ian,

    I'm coming back from hospital and I'm very happy to read your answer.
    I've visited the golden paints website... It seems to be really nice to work with. I'll go to brussels next week to get it :)
    Thanks a lot.
    See ya !

  6. wow! I really like the way you have illustrated the process of creating this paintings.Do you just use acrylic paints or oils too? and I'm also interested in the way you use photo transfers.
    I love you work! Its so amazing.

    Nikau Hindin, New Zealand

  7. Ian - I love your work...Your technique and perspective are inspiring!

  8. do you use ink to get the fine detail like on the house?